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Philippine Women Reveal Their Biggest Online Turn-ons

If you’re truly hellbent on finding a wife in the Philippines, you may want to read philippine women revealing their biggest turn-ons.
No woman – whether she’s is Filipino or Vietnamese – can resist the feeling of being turned on and ready to jump at and wrap their legs around the guy who made their panties wet.
Whether you’re already dating a Filipina girl or are hanging out on online dating websites with the goal of finding a Filipina wife, you definitely need to find out what do Filipino women like.
Here these sexy philippine ladies for marriage reveal their biggest turn-ons.

Your Profile Pic: Dress to Dampen Her Panties

“Seeing a man who knows how to dress and what suits him is panty dropper. I am literally swooning over men in suits and matching shoes – or a man in a well-tailored shirt. Sexy, damn!” – Divina, 23
It’s a well-known fact that dressing to impress makes an average-looking guy attractive, while an already handsome man turns into a sought-after man that makes single Philippine women fall in love.
Online dating: now you know how to get a Filipino girl to like you by merely uploading the profile pictures that show you in a suit or simply well-dressed.

Your Profile Pic: Smile to Impress

“A guy with a great smile is what makes me picture him standing in front of me, holding hands, saying ‘I DO’ at our wedding. It can be a subtle I’m-a-little-too-shy-to-show-my-teeth smile or an all-teeth-out smile – as long as a man smiles, it turns me on… big time!” – Amor, 27
Online dating: Choosing a profile picture that shows you smiling is an effective way of increasing your chances to marry a Filipina girl because nothing can be sexier for philippine women than seeing a man confident enough to have a picture of him smiling on profile pic.

Online Chat: Knowing What to Say

“It makes a man much sexier and desired when he actually listens to what his female conversation partner says without dropping sexual hints and being creepy – or sending his dick pics while you’re trying to make conversation.” – Dalisay, 19
The ability to listen to philippine women is one of the things on the list of what do Filipino women like.
If you’re able to make conversation without making sexual advances, you’re officially considered a rare type of man, and it certainly makes philippine ladies for marriage tingly in their sexy area down there.

Online Chat: Don’t Be a Pretentious Prick

“Men don’t realize this but seeing a guy showing off his muscles, his money or car isn’t sexy. Like at all. Seriously. A guy who takes it down a notch and enjoys his expensive surroundings without being desperate to talk about it 24/7, on the other hand, is what makes me want to invite him to my bedroom!” Jovelyn, 20
Being a pretentious prick that can’t get enough of his muscles, money or car is no proper way how to get a Filipino girl to like you.
I’m sure you do have puff muscles, piles of money and a Lamborghini – but no need to show it off – be sure that philippine ladies for marriage will notice it even when you aren’t shoving it down their throat in online conversation every 5 seconds.

Live Video Chat: Deep Voice

“A deep voice is my pre-selection filter to determine that I’m going to date a guy even without having to see him!” – Analyn, 24
A deep voice has a magical effect on pretty much all philippine women and it’s certainly one of those things what do Filipino women like and what makes their panties wet!

Live Video Chat: Eye Contact

“Maintaining eye contact without creeping me out is true art. And it seems that confident men have mastered that art – nothing is sexier than a man looking at you the entire time you speak – even if it’s via webcam!” – Malaya, 25
While maintaining eye contact is certainly a confident and sexy way of showing that you’re actually listening to what your girl is saying, master the ‘art’ of eye contact in front of the mirror first. You don’t want to creep philippine women out! 


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